Vision & Mission

Photo: Dennis WR

Music has been my inspiration for as long as I can remember.

I was always into music, playing music and making music whether it was recording with microfoon to my fathers taperecorder or doing little dubs and mixes on a dual tape deck right up until getting my first synthesizer (Korg M1) and starting making music, making little demos and playing them for friends and family.

I always wanted to inspire people with the music I make. For me music is one of the most important inspirations in life. I was even told that for certain cultures music is even more important than having food every day.

So my vision is to be an inspiration for people through the music I make every day by giving them music, by making music for them. And by working with artists, producers or music enthousiasts, producing for or with, making music for and with and to give something in his, her or their lives. A lot of times inspiration can make the difference in life,  in making decisions and being to achieve something or hold on to something in life when you’re experiencing difficulties in life or when you have perform at your highest level such as in sports for instance. Or maybe just to start your day, your evening or night, have a good time, sit back and relax. I see the importance in music and that is my vision. And therefore I wish to get my music to as many people as possible, to be an inspiration for as many people as possible.

my mission: Creating by Inspiration