Feedback & Clinic

“Feedback” Session  and “Clinic” Session ( Also  online available)

A Feedback session starts basically with 1 hour feedback (advice) at the main points on the track. (Like composing, additional production, engineering and so on)

If you want you can extend the feedback session by 3 or more hours based on the feedback to a “Clinic Session”.

The feedback session will be held by mail.

A “Clinic Session” tends to focus on improving your individual skills by (re)designing your track in collaboration with Dennis Waakop Reijers.

The “Clinic Session” will be held on location in the SoundPort Studio in Rotterdam or online (Skype).

The prices for the “Clinic Extended Service” depends on the amount of work needed and on demand. In general: the minimum amount of hours is 4 hours per day.

Photo: Hilko Visser

Photo: Hilko Visser