Creating by Inspiration is an important part of what I do. Whether you want me to produce for or with you, mix or remix your track, every aspect of the production process can be found and booked here!

Sepia Piano Keys


When composing I create melodies, harmonies and progressions within musical scales and time signatures and a variety of musical styles. I can do both full composition as well as additional composition to an existing piece of music. More information

Photo: Hilko Visser


When producing I can help bring out the unique aspects of the artist or brand and accentuate what differentiates them from the crowd. This way the music will breath what the artist or brand stands for. More information



When remixing I take the essence of an existing track and bring it forward from a new perspective. Remixing is a strong way to bring your existing music into a new era or to engage new audience to add to your existing fan base. More information

Photo: Hilko Visser


When engineering I work on all kinds of technical aspects within a track e.g. recording, mixing,  processing of existing parts (vocals, Kick).I can help taylor your music towards your goal and/or reference. More information

faders 4-3


When mastering I bring out the best in your music and I can taylor your master towards your goal and/or reference, giving your music a final edge towards getting it where you want it to be. More information